Being enthusiastic about getting justice for all, Emmanuel Sodola started a passionate pursuit of the legal profession in year 2002. He went through the ranks, was led and trained by giants in the legal field. Having gathered sufficient experience and attained the status of a leader since 2011, his desire to give back to humanity manifested in 2015 as Universe Solicitors, where law is being professionally practised with passion.


Justice, fairness and equality are basic necessities for living in freedom, therefore we believe everyone should have a voice and a say. These are our values and commitments we hope to continually achieve through passionately offering professional legal services and actively supporting fair legal reforms without fear or hesitation as we practise law with passion.



Client Care

  • Our clients come first and we focus on keeping them at the heart of our operations.
  • Our passion encapsulates the protection of confidentiality, integrity and availability of clients’ information.
  • Our clients are reassured that they are well looked after in the course of their legal engagement, irrespective of the length and this we achieve by ensuring trust and rapport is built with every client.
  • Our clients enjoy the fact that we make everything simple and keep all our operations in a crystal clear perspective.
  • Our clients find their voice in us because we delight in their happiness, fairness and justice.